Business Cards

This is one reason why being creative just for the sake of it is important to me. I had the urge to make a businesses card design that was simple and cheap to print, but popped and made an impression. This meant a one-color print and no crazy sizes, shapes, or embossing for the card stock. The most extravagant feature I allowed myself was front and back printing. I didn't have an event or anything that pressured me into this, I just wanted to see what I could do under those constraints. So I sat down and started playing with text. After a while, I got burned out, so I saved my progress, and then moved on to something else. I liked the ideas I came up with, but couldn't settle on anything, so I left it.

Weeks later, I actually had an event that I wanted new business cards for. Perfect! I already started that project. I opened up my file and loved it the way it was. So I made some minor adjustments to make it print ready, then uploaded my artwork and made my order.


I'm happy with how they turned out considering the limitations I placed myself under. After they arrived in the mail, I made myself a card holder so I can carry several in my pocket without damaging them.

Overall, it was a fun little project that yielded good results! Many of my personal creative projects never see the light of day, but all of them push me further, or allow me to explore a something new.