3-cent DSLR Rain Kit

There I sat in my living room, my bag bulging with all the things I was planning on taking on my trip. These were the "essentials" I thought I needed to make the trip successful minus a pair of pants to make more room. When work heard that I was an experienced traveler in South Africa, they thought Ghana shouldn't be too different and offered me a chance to go film one of the programs they run out there. 

So in my living room I gaze over this mound sticking out of my bag wondering how I'm ever going to get it all to fit. "Airport security is going to be hell if I keep packing like this," I thought. My wife pops her head up from her laptop with an important detail I overlooked. "You'll be there during the brunt of the rainy season!" 

Immediately I realized a problem that I obviously overlooked: rain protection. It was too late to try and get work to order something for me, and even if I had a decent rain cover for my camera, there's no way I could sacrifice another pair of pants or socks to make room for anything more. I needed a quick fix, but I also needed a solid and compact fix.

I remembered a time when I had to shoot in the rain and in a pinch I used a grocery bag over my camera. I ripped a hole in the bottom of the bag, stuck the lens through it and tied the rest of the bag around the back of my camera. Lots of people have done this. I also remembered how one of my friends used to fold up his grocery bags like a paper football before storying them for later use. This lead me to develop a simple system for carrying a rain cover system for my camera that was compact, cheap and disposable.

There aren't many DIY or "life-hacks" that I swear by, but this is one that I love! Now I always have a few of these little triangles at the bottom of my bag ready for any of my small camera setups.

Things needed:  Plastic grocery bag, and several rubberbands.

What do you use to protect your gear in the rain? 


Rain Kit.jpg