My top Interviewers

To do anything well... need to learn from those who do it better. If you want to do better as a jazz musician, you need to listen to the great jazz musicians. The same thing applies to Interviewing. I want to improve in my interviewing skills, so along with consistent practice and studying good theory, I must listen and observe the great interviewers themselves. Here are a few that I've grown to love: is a show for tech news and all things creative. One of the hosts of this show is Adam Savage, from Mythbusters, and he has some incredible interviews with some great guys from the film industry. His passion for the craft of filmmaking helps lead his interviewees to give insightful viewpoints on the film industry and the art of storytelling.

Reihan Salam is a tenacious interviewer. He thoroughly understands the subject matter before interviewing his subjects and then spends the interview thoroughly seeking to understand the position of his subjects. He pushes and challenges them while still maintaining a respectful attitude which draws out a lot of dialogue that we otherwise might not have had!



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Doug Fabrizio is a definite favorite of mine! He produces and co-hosts RadioWest, from Salt Lake City, UT. His thoughtful interviewing skills have allowed him to interview people like the Dalai Lama, Madeleine Albright, Desmond Tutu and more. If you want to listen to a wholesome and meaty interview then RadioWest is the show for you!

There are many more great interviewers out there worth highlighting, these just happen to be some that I enjoy right now. Who else should be on the list?