Memorable Restaurant Promos

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They aren't usually very notable. Nobody will ask you if you remember that local restaurant's ad, because they don't remember it either. Why? Because they're usually predictable: establishing exterior shot, interior shot (usually with some camera pan or tilt), shots of the food, shots of the chef, shots of customers enjoying themselves, and quotes from the owner about how they're different because they're a better restaurant. BORING! Part of good storytelling is making the story memorable. If people don't even remember the story, was it worth telling in the first place?

So here's some restaurant promos that I think do a fantastic job at telling their stories in a memorable way. 

Not the highest production value you'll ever see, but its unique approach really got my attention. Though it seems simple, it subtly carries you through the brand, showcases the food, and appeals to the values of its target audience. Clever.

Buzzfeed labeled this one the "Worst Restaurant Promo Video Ever" and said, "If I was surrounded by these people at dinner I’d stick the cutlery in my eyes."

Though my sentiment for the characters portrayed in this promo are nearly the same, that's kinda why I love it. It's a satire on the stereotypical this-place-will-change-your-life restaurant promo. It reminds me of Harvard Sailing Team's Hipster Thankgiving a little.

It's a great way to check all the boxes off (show the food, the atmosphere, the service, happy customers etc.) and give a memorable presentation by poking fun at themselves and other restaurants. 


How refreshing it is to have a restaurant owner take a risk! I've worked food before, and I've never known a restaurant owner who took a chance with creativity after opening their store. They can't really. If they violate health code once, or produce bad tasting food, or piss off the wrong customer, their business can tank.

But the owner of Dos Toros Taqueria must have realized that if he wants to market to Gen. Y, he has to do more than advertise. Here he engages his audience with a song that's not only funny, but has a bit of style with it too.

Was it worth the risk? 

This one is just classy and cinematic. What better way to advertise for the big-time opening of a posh restaurant than to follow the owner and the chef through the entire place while they test the food and shake hands with the big-wigs while listening to fancy lounge music?

Ok, so its a rip-off of The Goodfellas opener, but if you're going to steal, make it look good!